Marlu was founded by two brothers, Jordan & Joseph, from Calulu, Gippsland. Coming from a Mechanical Engineering and Quality background, we at Marlu strongly believe in using the best materials possible to ensure your purchase will not disappoint! Our products have been fine crafted with 100% Full Grain Kangaroo Leather – in other words, the toughest and the most superior leather. As Full Grain leather is the top layer of the Kangaroo hide, this allows the surface detail of your product to be completely unaltered, and will guarantee extremely satisfying ageing and patina development.

The dedication we have to Marlu’s quality ensures that all our handcrafted leather goods are made with an incredibly timeless aesthetic that's made to last. We thank you for joining us on our journey to create the highest quality most beautiful and sought after full grain kangaroo leather products.


Full Grain Kangaroo Leather

Our hides are sourced from Packer Leather, Queensland. Packer Leather was established in 1891, and is recognised worldwide for the ability to produce high quality, thin, but incredibly strong Kangaroo leather.

By using Full Grain Kangaroo Leather we can assure you that the texture of your product will be 100% real (rather than stamped after splitting). Due to its higher tensile strength compared to other leathers available, it can be used in thinner pieces without sacrificing quality or durability. Simply the best! 



We use a professional finish to create a product that is supple and soft to touch, whilst also treating the underside of the leather for protection and durability. Using a buffing technique, we season our leather with a natural mixture to ensure water resistance and avoid other damages.  


Fiebings Natural Carnauba Crème & Polishing Wax

The Fiebings Natural Carnauba Crème softens and protects the leather from fingerprints and scuffmarks. It doesn't alter the natural leather smell, that which is so important in Full Grain Leather goods. For further protection we apply a second coat of beeswax and carnauba with NO Silicone (all natural ingredients). This provides exceptional protection whilst retaining the natural feeling of the leather.


Tiger Thread

Every piece is hand stitched by us with specially sourced waxed & tiger braided thread from the Ukraine. As a result of our craftsmanship and the use of durable weave, there will be no loose threads as your wallet ages. Tiger thread allows for very uniform stitching patterns and unquestionable strength. We can assure you that our stitching technique will truly delight anyone with an eye for detail.



We cut every single piece ourselves before applying conditioners and hand stitching (no sewing machine needed!). We pride ourselves on being in control of the entire process from start, to finish – allowing us to apply the highest quality control throughout the journey of each and every item.